When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out of the window.

The other day, I put an end to the human relations with a certain people.

I have continued spending a huge amount of money, in order to associate with them mostly every month.

I continued receiving the unreasonable requisition from them repeatedly. However, it became impossible for me to put up with them at last.

It seems that they are inquiring into many things about the reason refused by me. However, I am only angry at their not having a normal sense in money matters with them.

If I continued being concerned with them as it is, I judged that I was killed by them. Therefore, I opted for making a relationship with them finish.

One of them was blocked by me in Twitter, and the person cried?

Huh? It is my way that wants to cry.

I want them to stop making into a third person’s cause the tragedy which they themselves caused. And I want them to also consider the reason for having offended me.


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