[Twitter] I hope for appearance of “Anti-favorite-spam” service.

Many spam accounts are spreading in Twitter from several years before. Therefore the general user has to do counter-measures to spam.

The vicious means to abuse the “Favorite” function and refer unnecessary information to the user’s “Notification” screen recently are rampant.

As soon as those are found, I block. But it’s springing in the next from the next, so those are endless. Indeed, I’m busy in the work which blocks more than one spam account touching my Twitter account “@Telmina” like every day mostly from this year.

There are many people who have the same problem. One of them seems to have begun to suffer damage by spam already in the end of last year.

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But unfortunately, the effective means to oppose “Favorite Spam” don’t seem to exist at present.

However, the service opposed against spam exists.

Remarkable anti-spam service exists in the world.

Anti-spam service “Block Together” was begun by Jacob Hoffman-Andrews last year. He was a Twitter engineer formerly.

“Block Together” can block Twitter accounts which apply to more than one of the following conditions automatically.

  • young accounts (< 7 days old) that mention you
  • accounts with < 15 followers that mention you

It’s possible to share your block list with friends.

Indeed this is service like a saviour for the people disturbed by spam every day.

I’m utilizing this service to oppose spam and share a block list by my main account “@Telmina” and sub account “@SuperTelmina“.

Moreover I request to add the following function to this service.

  • young accounts (< 7 days old) that adds your tweet to “favorite”
  • accounts with < 15 followers that adds your tweet to “favorite”

I think moreover the following condition should also be added according to the tendency of the account in my block list in “Block Together”.

  • accounts with < 15 follows that mention you
  • accounts with < 15 follows that adds your tweet to “favorite”
  • young accounts (< 7 days old) that retweet your tweet
  • accounts with < 15 followers that retweet your tweet
  • accounts with < 15 follows that retweet your tweet

I still have some requests. However, I request the function opposed against “Favorite Spam” in particular to be added to “Block Together”.

Dear Jacob Hoffman-Andrews:

Could you consider my requests?

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