Dear Amnesty International:

I’m an ordinary Japanese person. Today, we Japanese people face a democratic crisis.

A great number of Japanese people and I petition you to request that the United Nations execute the following points.

  1. To send representatives from The United Nations to monitor all elections in Japan.
    • When a general election was held in 2014, The U.N. tried to send a team to Japan. However, Japan’s government denied their entry.
  2. To exercise “Enemy Clauses” and take military and economic sanctions to Japan’s government if Japan’s government denies the entry of The U.N. again.

Japan’s political power has been held by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe since 2012. After that, a lot of laws were put into operation, but all of them violate Japan’s democratic rules and Japan’s constitution.

In 2013, “特定秘密の保護に関する法律” (translated: A Specific Secret Protection Law) were carried out. The law limits Japanese peoples’ rights to free access to information.1

In 2015, “平和安全法制” (translated: laws of “The National Security”) was carried out. However, the laws aren’t for security, but war. In fact, Japan’s “Self Defense Force” could go to The South Sudan for PKO because of such laws.2

Now, Japan’s government is trying to carry out the law of “共謀罪” (translated: A Conspiracy Crime) that would make it easy for ordinary people to be arrested. It is said that the government wants to monitor people’s activities anytime. It’s not the way of democratic country.3

According to the news in Japan, support for the Abe cabinet is over 60%, but many Japanese people know that number is completely fabricated. On some social networking sites, less than 10% of people support the cabinet.4  5

However, Abe and the members of his cabinet never hear the peoples’ voices.

We think the only way to save Japan is for The U.N. send representatives to Japan.

We’re afraid that “World War Ⅲ” could be started by Japan’s current government. If the general election was held fairly, the Abe cabinet would not be in power! However, to hold elections fairly, the support of The U.N. is required.

Please keep democracy and human rights in the world! Please help us!

Telmina N. Arias6

24 April 2017

  • This document was corrected by my friend from Canada. She’s requesting anonymity.
  • Please read together with this document:
  • I send a Japanese written petition to Amnesty International Japan about a week ago. However, I think English written petition is more effective. So, I wrote this one.

Posted from London, England, United Kingdom.


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